The Piglys and the Hundred Year Mystery


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Three intrepid pigs are threatened by a lawyer, a hoodlum, and a curse. The only weapon in their fight to save their homes, their lives, and their town is an antique poetry book left behind by their great-great-grandfather. Will they be able to make sense of its clues before all of Pigville is destroyed by a machine that makes its own lightning?
A wild and funny read for all ages, stressing the importance of history, good will, and the old junk stored in your attic.
Illustrated by the author.
paperback edition, 202 pages……$16.00
hardcover edition, 202 pages……$34.00


About Mary

It’s all about words and pictures. A lifetime of reading and drawing spilled onto paper…

Mary is from New Jersey, has lived all over, has raised two smart, handsome sons and has walked every dog she’s ever had, faithfully. She’s that kind of girl. She loves old houses, antique children’s picture books, and red cableknit sweaters.